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The Roommates: Saving Essay
If I was in Morgan’s shoes and Hannah was asking me for some financial advice and telling me about her financial issues, I would start off by telling her how I deal with my financial plan like this. I work part time at an insurance office and when I get payed on payday I always put back 20% of my pay check into saving or a savings account, That way I will have it when I need it like when my car need repairs that one time or when the landlord raised the rent and I needed a little bit more money to pay him. Also I keep money back to spend it on stuff I want. An another reason why it a good Idea to save and put back is that saving will help you out of tight situations like last year when I lost my job. I had no income …show more content…

So one last very important thing that could help you with you saving Hannah could be keeping a SMART goal which is where you can determine if that goal is important enough to shoot for and it also helps you find out how close or how far you got to go to reach the goal. A good way to determine your goal or some good words to use to make your SMART goal is, is your goal specific like one certain thing or spread out across multiple targets an is the goal measurable like can you determine how much time it will take to reach that goal and can you agree upon that goal without jumping on something else. Also you need to determine if that goal is acutely realistic like can you afford that goal, can you reach it in that time exedra, like determine if it’s possible without too much struggle. An last but not least make sure your goal is time base or schedule where you can break it down into pieces so you can reach it in the time you

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