Freshman Year Research Paper

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Freshman year has got to be the craziest year out of all of highschool. Seeing some of your closest friends go to a different school then you. Going into a new bigger school unaware of your surroundings. And Making and hanging out with new friends and teammates. The first day in high school in my freshman year i had no idea where i was going or where my classes were. The building looked big outside and even bigger on the inside. Everyone looked older and taller, even the girls. We actually got to text and have our phones out in the hallways. I heard tons of myths about high school. One was to never eat at lunch alone because people would think you were weird or a lame. Another one i heard was if you're going to be late you might as well be extra late and go get …show more content…

Running track and cross country kept my body and shape and made me eat healthier. We went many places and i got to see and experience new things. I hung out with a lot of seniors so always had places to go. I used to go to parties and sneak into clubs with them. I met so many college kids my freshman year that i felt like i was in college. The new subjects (classes) was harder than my middle school classes but easier than i thought they were going to be. My favorite class my freshman year was physical science. My teacher used to do experiments all the time and the class was never boring. Looking back at my freshman year yearbook picture i looked kind of goofy and childish. I also looked like a problem child and a trouble maker. Looking at that picture just makes me laugh because it’s funny to me. Just looking back and seeing how young i looked and was and how much i grown and matured. I’m still a little childish now but not ass childish as i used to be. I still have a little baby face but i grew a mustache. My freshman year i seen who my real friends were. Some people i was really cool and close to didn’t even say a word to me my freshman

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