The Rule Of Nerva And Rise Of Trajan

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97-98 CE: The Rule of Nerva and Rise of Trajan
The years 97 and 98 CE marked an important turning point in Roman history, as it marked the beginning of the “Period of the Five Good Emperors” which lasted for 83 years. During the years of 97 and 98 CE, many important events occurred. Marcus Cocceius Nerva, simply called Nerva, was made emperor in 96 CE, and ruled until his death in the January of 98 CE. Under his rule, many new laws and systems came into existence. Nerva’s first order of business was the correction of all of the previous emperor’s mistakes. Before Nerva was emperor Domitian, a very harsh and authoritarian ruler who was under the impression that the Senate was trying to undermine his power. Because of this, emperor Domitian had hundreds of “traitors” in the Senate imprisoned. During his reign as emperor in 97 and 98 CE, Nerva released anyone who was on trial for treason and invited back politicians
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Trajan’s ascension to the throne, in a way, marked the end of Italian dominance over the Roman government, and opened it up to all the citizen of the empire. Under Trajan, the empire’s borders expanded east all the way to the Persian Gulf and north into modern-day Romania, the largest the empire would ever get. Emperor Trajan also opened up the Senate to all non-Italians, finally letting the Senate be represented by all the people of the empire. Trajan gave free grain to Roman peasants, corn to poor children, and wine to all citizens of the empire. Trajan also interfered in provincial affairs, cracking down on corrupt governors. Trajan worked on many constructions to improve the empire. He improved harbors across the empire, had the Appian Way repaired, and had public baths and forums built in Rome. To commemorate his victories over the Dacians, Trajan had a famous 100 foot tall column built in
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