Essay on The Rulers and the Ruled in High School

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If movie tropes and idioms are to be believed, there is a clear distinction between who is the ‘ruling’ majority and the ‘ruled’ minority. Every high school movie that ever was invariably depicted academia as a maze of cliques and clichés. The high school experience was characterized not by what you achieved, but who you ‘hung out’ with. The jocks, cheerleaders, bands and an assorted team of people blessed with good looks were ‘cool’ and the rest were ‘not’. The masses were ostensibly ruled over by the much smaller ‘popular’ gang; the unpopular masses criticized and berated the repulsive mediocrity and social stagnation of the usually wealthy and/or beautiful minority, while the popular showed only disdain for the seemingly clueless …show more content…

Everyone around them was dissenting and ‘rebelling’. But all these rebels has squeezed themselves in a conformist bandwagon; opposition for the sake of opposition. The sixties paid lip-service to the ideals of non-conforming while still being entrenched in the mainstream, thereby killing the fundamental ideals of individualism However, those beliefs have not become extinct, they have merely been shrouded in a blanket of confusion and false similarities.

If all non-conformists are in fact conformists, then has society lost hope? Not at all. The individual, though rarely found in his true sense, still exists; but in alarmingly marginalized numbers. The real sorrow is the true individual, while not lost to memory will never be hailed for the hero he truly is. This ideal of rebellion, the in individual, do not fashion themselves to fit any certain mold, but rather hold values that they personally agree with. Unfortunately for the masses, the individual cannot be pinpointed in a crowd. These individuals can be found manning the tills at McDonalds or as high-flying executives at law firms. They can be doctors without borders or decorated heroes. Capitalist, democratic, authoritarian, anarchist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, individuals are found in all shapes and sizes. Thy can even align themselves to merge with the masses; providing they think the majority s on the right

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