The Rules Of Education Act

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Question 1
In the given scenario we see that the rules of Education act which was revised in 2002 and initially it was Education Act 1972 it is mentioned that bringing or consuming or even keeping in possession cannabis, heroin, cocaine on the TAFE (The technical and further education) campus shall be treated as an offence and the concern person shall be penalised for the same accordingly. Section 25 of the Education Act 2002 was introduced in order to avoid drug trafficking on the TAFE campuses in Australia. TAFE is a body corporate having a perpetual succession and a common seal which is formed to provide further technical education which is required in the industry, community and among the students. …show more content…

that they cannot live without the same. According to certain measured statistics cocaine was used by about 17 million people worldwide as in the year 2007-2008. (UNODC, n.d.)
Situation 1: In the given scenario Winnie a girl is found licking a white powder which is Aspirin and is noted by the security guard.

Winnie in this case shall not be found guilty though Aspirin is a drug because the medicines that are available in the market are sold by certain licence and authority and Aspirin is one of those drugs which is consumed by a particular person when prescribed by the doctor or in general in order to cure certain aches of the body, example: headache. Macquarie Dictionary though defines Aspirin as a drug but it helps in treating people having pain, fever and inflammation. Being prescribed under the usage from a doctor the medicine or drug is also used to prevent heart attack strokes and angina (chest pains).
There is not any single and prescribed explanation for drug, the drugs is classified in two was whether it to be illegal or legal and this depends on what purpose it has been used for. Accordance to the definition and explanation it can be considered that Winnie has breached sec 25 of the TAFE Education Act 2001, the point of argument shall be that thought she was caught having or licking the Aspirin powder in the campus hence it has to be understood the source from which she had bought the same. The section 25 of the TAFE Education Act 2002

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