The Russian Revolution Compared To Julius Caesar And The Russian Revolution

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Imagine being in the Russian Revolution and comparing it to the book Julius Caesar. How do you think you would feel? How does the Russian Revolution compare to what happened to Julius Caesar? The Russian Revolution of 1917 had people that would cause riots during the war. The Russian Revolution 1917 can be compared to Julius Caesar, because of the overthrowing of the government, people fighting over food shortages, killed most of Russia’s army, suffering in the economy, and involved the collapse of an empire under Tsar Nicholas II.
As a matter of fact, the Russian Revolution of 1917 includes the overthrowing of the government. This led to the autocracy of the Tsar’s autocracy. The government included different classes. The Russian Revolution was led by Vladimir Lenin that overthrew the government of Alexander Kerensky. The constitutional rule was under the new government system. The Bolsheviks was a social democracy and overthrew the government. Food shortages played a major role in the Russian Revolution and caused people to go on a strike because of the shortages.
During the Russian Revolution of 1917 people fought over food shortages ( It was very cold during the winter and the food supply was limited. Food shortages started months after the war. Workers tried to protest against the fact that there wasn’t any bread or meat. The war increased the

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