The Sacredness Of Devils Tower Essay

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The Sacredness of Devils Tower


Bianca Hill

“They say that there were children playing in the woods. Eight children- seven sisters and their brother. And the boy was pretending to be a bear and he was chasing his sisters through the woods, and they were pretending to be frightened. And in the course of the game, the boy actually turned into a bear. It was a terrible thing. The sisters, when they saw that, were truly terrified and they ran for their lives, the bear after them. As they were running, they passed the stump of a tree- a very large, huge tree stump. And the tree spoke to them and said, “If you will climb up on me, I will save you.” So the sisters climbed on top of the tree stump, and as they did so, it began to rise into the air. And the bear came to kill them, but they were beyond its reach, and so the bear reared up and scored the bar all around with its claws, and if you’ve seen Devils Tower, it is deeply striated all around. It looks like it has been scored by the claws of a gigantic beast. And the girls, as the story has it, were born into the sky and they became the stars of the Big Dipper. And that is the story.”
- the story of Ts’o ai (Rock Tree), as told by N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa)
For many indigenous peoples, the entire world is full of sacred purpose and being. The world is our church and it is the basis of our spirituality. We worship our Mother Earth, the land, the waters, and everything else contained within. We do not

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