The Salem Witch Trials

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The setting is static. It serves as the constant in chaos from the play. The physical settings contributes little to the story other than setting up a place of symbolism, irony, and character development or revealment.In a couple days of which the play spans, dramatic changes to the social structure of Salem occur. As previously stated, The Crucible, elucidated Miller’s take on the Salem witch trials at Massachusetts Bay from 1692 to 1693. This particular period and historical setting are vital to understanding the heart truth. This craft enabled me to relate to text better as I learned of the Salem Witch Trials before reading the play, this helped with the imagery of the play and setting set the basis for all of the other writers crafts in my opinion. The setting not only binds the rest of the writer’s crafts together but also point to that mankind’s culture may change with the ebb of time; however, the human nature will remain the same, the emotions will be the same. The parallels of Miller’s time with McCarthyism, and the play’s time with the Salem Trials points to where the variables may be different the situation is the same.
One thing that was constant was the threat. It was the threat of many things: threat of being killed, being persecuted, and being caught. All of the threats had their “buzz words” and here in the play the setting prepares the buzz words perfectly. These two words “witch” and “the Devil” created such chaos and destruction, that the characters,…
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