The Salem Witch Trials

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The seventeenth century was a time of great religious excitement both in Europe and America. It had been widely believed even before the Puritans left England that witchcraft was a well-practiced profession in Europe. The times for settlers in the New America proved to be quite different and so ever changing. With many new rules, laws, regulations and curfew a true government was being born. Throughout this vast change, religious beliefs became so strong to be studied and participated in. Religions that divided from Christianity and Catholic beliefs, such as Puritans, who had a clear vision of what their churches were going to be like. Witchcraft had been a crime a long time before the trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and prior …show more content…

In light of pleading innocent, Bridget Bishop was held accountable for her witchcraft. Her innocence is proven in that these evidences presented against her were majority based on speculation. These speculations being that she was an owner of two taverns in which she knew how to entertain men, her husbands passed away by unknown causes linked to her sorcery, who dressed flamboyant, because it was odd to the puritans and her plea in court was not convincing enough. To begin, Bridget Bishop does not have any early history that she’s known for or been written about unless it was for her unusual ways. Witchcraft was viewed as a sin against God, the church, and the Crown, and thus was treated as a crime. It 's also important to remember that there is no evidence, other than spectral evidence and coerced confessions, that any of the accused actually did practice witchcraft (Ray). That being said, Bishop was the owner of two taverns, one in Salem Village and one in Salem Town. Bishop was a woman who got along with everyone, especially young men who patronized within the taverns. Bishop allowed these guests to be up late at night, entertaining them by drinking, gambling, and playing forbidden game such as the “shovel board” which people thought was connected to the devil and evil spirits because there have been reports that people disappeared in the evening after the taverns. The two taverns

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