The Same Sex Marriage Debate Essay

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The Same Sex Marriage Debate

The controversial debate over whether same sex marriage should be legalized has gained a lot of attention in recent years and there are strong arguments for each side of the issue. There are many different factors that must be looked at when considering same-sex marriage. A marriage is not something that is just slapped on a piece of paper to show a couple's love; it involves legal, social, economic, and spiritual issues. Throughout this essay, I intend to focus on all of the issues just mentioned, and how all of these issues are interrelated in some way, shape or form. I will also pay attention to the state influence on marriage, how one state's decision affects another state's actions, and last how the
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Although the gay community makes up a small percentage of the American population, they have and will be very influential in our society. Our society sets many standards for people to live by, but often times these standards evolve through time in such a way that no one can predict. Slavery serves as a good example: A survey done in the 1700's of the American colonies would probably reveal a majority of people felt slavery was alright, some might have even pointed out that Christians used slavery in the past, as mentioned in the bible. Slowly the black population, who was clearly the minority, gained more and more support for freedom. While there are still Americans who do not see the black community as equals, it is safe to say that society as a whole believes discrimination against blacks is wrong.
While slavery is far more extreme of an issue than homosexuality, the two have some things in common. For example, during the civil war there were Americans on one side that supported an amendment to ban slavery and those on the other side who opposed it. Today there are citizens who support an amendment to ban same sex marriages just as there are those who are against legislation. Even though the black community sought out the slavery amendment and the gay community is trying to stop the amendment to ban same sex marriage, both minorities were trying to change a precedent in society. The gay

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