The Sarah 's Law As An Example

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This essay will attempt to explain a watershed moment using the Sarah’s Law as an example. The main objective will be to observe how this law improved society using academic research and what improvements that can be provided with the law to help in the future towards treatments of victims and witnesses. This essay will highlight how Sarah’s Law was created and how it made a huge impact in the criminal justice system, as well as, the ways the law helped victims and witnesses in society today. The term ‘watershed’ moment is defined as a mark that points toward an event, which has modified an important moment which makes people do and think about something differently (Merriam Webster, 2017). In relation to Sarah’s law (also known as the …show more content…

Sarah’s Law is an improvement of the U.S. version and modifying the flaws in that law to make the U.K. law extremely more effective and reinforcing the objective of the scheme to protect the children (NSPCC, 2017). As reported by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), the official statistics indicated that around 1 in 20 children in the U.K. have been subjected to sexual abuse; and the Home Office in 2007 discovered that around 75% of the victims knew their offenders. Therefore, the scheme needs to be open about the facts and figures surrounding this particular type of offence in order to make the public more aware and educated of the risks. What is more, the possible situations that these offences that takes place in (Penny, 2014). However, the biggest problem resulting with statistics is that most cases are not reported or disclosed. Majority of the sexual abuse are not reported, prosecuted or detected, and the vast majority of the children do not tell anyone about their encounter of sexual abuse. In addition, this particular crime is generally witnessed amongst the abuser and the victim (NSPCC, 2017; Radford et al., 2011: p. 8). The process of how the disclosure scheme is constructed, by whether the decision has been made to produce as to whom it is necessary to disclose the information to the person. The disclosure should only be given to those who need the information to be able to safeguard the child from

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