The Satanic Verses Analysis

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In The Satanic Verses, numerous symbols illustrate how human nature is the source of the evil. Furthermore, the symbolic significance that pertains to the main character also shows how all individuals have both good and bad qualities. A repeating motif in the book is the reference to the play “Othello”. Skapearses famous play follows the life of the Moor Othello after is marriage to Desdemona. Iago, a loyal friend of Othello, was furious that the Moor overlooked him for a promotion, sparking his lust for revenge. Iago devised a plan to persuade the King that his had been having an affair with his trusted friend Cassio. Iago's actions resulted in the Moor killing Desdemona. After learning the truth, Othello committed suicide. The references to the play foreshadow the ending of the novel but also gives further explanations to the actions of Gibreel. The first mentions of “Othello” only occurred to criticize Shakespeare because he "couldn't spell" (256). The primary reference occurs when Gibreel wondered about the creation of evil, "why it grows, how it takes unilateral possession of a many-sided human soul. Or, let's say: the enigma of Iago" (439). Gibreel continues by denying his allegations saying he's, "no match for the moor" (439). Gibreel turns out to me more naive than the moor because the events that occur in “Othello” are mirrored in the novel. Gibreel assumes the role of Othello, Saladin Iago, and Gibreel's love interest Allie Cone, Desdemona. Gibreel inherited the

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