The School Of A School

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Since the dawn of the comprehensive American high school, debate has raged over the most effective way to structure or schedule the school year. The schedule of a school can have a major impact on a wide range of areas including student choice and academic performance. When considering this, it is somewhat unusual that the majority of today 's modern American high schools adhere to a semester schedule that dates back to the early 19th century. Some experts believe the school calendar came about as a result of our agricultural past, when youth were required to work on family farms and attend school as well. The agrarian calendar1 consisted of a short winter term and a short summer term, resulting in two distinct breaks from school when kids living in rural, agricultural areas were needed for the harvest, which helps to explain the origins of the semester system. For the past two centuries the American school system has continued to follow this model and many educators continue to believe in it 's value. However, these vestigial connections that continue to link modern schools to this archaic structure no longer hold the merit they once did. Students attending school now, in the 21st century, have different needs and expectations placed upon them. While owners of industry in the early 1800 's needed a cooperative, obedient workforce; business owners of today require technologically savvy individuals who are not afraid to innovate and push the envelope. Why then, are our…

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