The School Shooting : The Doors, Hide And Wait, By Virginia Tech, And Columbine

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Classroom intercoms blare on without warning, “Shelter in place!” is yelled clearly throughout the school building. Doors ae locked and lights are turned off, your teacher rushes you and your classmates to a corner in complete silence. You as a student truly don’t know if you and your friends are safe in this moment. This is a school shooting.

A school is a place for young minds, meant to teach them about their world and prepare them for adult hood. Unfortunately with incidents such as Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Columbine, some, who are seen as pure sadists wish to open fire on these places of learning. Some places, such as schools in Clarksville, Arkansas decided to combat this training their staff to carry 9 mm. handguns to school …show more content…

have been trying to combat this. For schools in Clarksville, Arkansas, weaponry of their own is the answer. Guns in a schooling situation, clearly this can have some worrying implications. It was stated “With 53 hours of training under their belts, more than twenty administrators, teachers, and school employees in Clarksville, Ark., will head back to school this August with packing a 9mm handgun.” Training is clearly important, if a teacher or staff member does not know how to shoot a gun, it could clearly backfire on them and the school, but something that is not mentioned is physiological training that goes into firing a gun. I spoke to Deb Lopez, Assistant Principal of Winslow Junior High School and asked her how she would feel about equipping her colleges with hand guns, these were her statements. “I worked at the prison for eight and a half years. We as guards were asked to go through gun training, and all of us passed.” “In a situation of being handed a gun and told to shoot if needed to, it’s a difficult situation.” Clearly she has had extinctive experience with emergency situations. “If our school was to do that, we would have to take into consideration how our staff would be able to handle it mentally.” Along with the ability to for teachers to handle having guns on them, students are also faced to handle their learning providers having weaponry. Clearly it could be a large distraction to students who aren’t comfortable, and if students aren’t

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