The American Education System

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What is the main difference between the school system from the industrial age and the modern age? Nothing, the education system hasn’t evolved since the industrial age when the school system was created. They created the school system during the first industrial age when America just started creating factory jobs and building assembly lines. As the education system goes on it needs to evolve to accommodate the modern age instead of keeping focus in the old ideals of the industrial age. We could do this by transferring from standardized testing to allowing the teachers to create the tests. If we allow this it would properly test the knowledge of the students instead of only testing the recall of students. George W. Elford states in his book beyond standardized testing “schools and school systems spend millions of dollars for teacher’s salaries and in-service training to enable them to learn what their students can and cannot do”, this can be dated back to the 1700’s when the students only knew how to farm so it would be easy to tell what they did or didn’t know .But, nowadays every student in the school system has come from a different amount of schooling or a different grade of school. So it would be next to impossible to actually tell what we do and do not know. In other circumstances moving backward could be the best bet. What this mean is that the curriculum is being taught around standardized instead of the test being made around the curriculum. We assumed that

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