The Sci-Fi Comedy: Ghostbusters

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Thirty years ago, the world witnessed a film that would change the way we think about Science Fiction. The Sci-Fi comedy "Ghostbusters" is now part of today's pop culture. Dan Akroyd and Ivan Reitman discusses the then and now.

Ghostbusters was originally Dan Akroyd's baby. Akroyd, Ivan Reitman and the late Harold Remis spent 3 weeks in a vacation home working on the script using an electric typewriter. The script gave birth to a cast including Bill Murray and Rick Moranis that added some humorous spice to the film.

It was a hit in 1984 and it spurred cartoons and a toy franchise.

Now, at a time when women are beginning to show feministic powers in the office and on film, they felt it was time to show the world a different take on Ghostbusters.

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