The Scientific Science Of Science

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Omeer Muqtader
Medieval Science Introduction: Science is built upon the ideas of testable hypothesis and new discoveries. Thus, the scientific world has gone through many changes throughout the course of history. Many centuries old beliefs such as astrology and folk magic were thought to be undeniably true, but through the advancement in science they have been proven false. Astrology is the study of planetary systems and its effect on earth and its environment. Folk Beliefs are superstitious, religious, or commonly held ideas that persist in a variety of cultures. However, due to the evolution of science, modern day science works under the foundation of scientific paradigms, which are theories and explanations of phenomena’s that supports the understanding of the methods of a type of science. In this lab, we attempted to test some commonly held beliefs and attempt to prove or disprove a testable hypothesis. There were two experiments to this lab. The first experiment was designed to determine if any of our group members were psychic. We were given a deck of 25 cards and we had to guess what symbol was on the card. The null hypothesis was that we are not psychic and any deviation from the expected was due to reasons unrelated to psychic ability. If this hypothesis was accepted, then we would confidently be able to say that no one in our group was psychic and we could defend our conclusion with our data. If, however, we rejected this hypothesis, then we might say that one

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