The Sea By Pablo Neruda

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When I was a little girl at early of my age, I spent a wonderful time with my grandma near a sea in my hometown during the last two months of her life. That was the first time we saw the smile back to her face since we got the news that she got intestine cancer. Back to that time I was deeply impressed by how being around the sea was capable to change people’s emotion in such a positive way. The poet, Pablo Neruda, in his poem “The Sea” illustrates how the sea teaches a trapped man a lesson on how to be released from struggling to find freedom and happiness. The three crucial poem-writing elements, sound, structure, and figurative language make the power of sea more vivid just like a picture we could see and have physical feelings about. And when we try to get a deeper understanding of the poem, it is the sound that we hear first.
From a perspective of sound, it is obvious that there is a pattern in the poem that could provide readers the same feel of the sea just by listening to it. The poet uses two techniques basically to create that effect in terms of internal rhythm and soft sounds. For example, in the line “I love the sea because it teaches me” and “what it taught me before, I keep”, a consonance syllable “ee” has been used by Neruda. Also, there are several words containing the syllables like “s”, “sh”, and “w” playing an essential role in creating the whole mood of the poem. For example, Neruda writes” If it’s a single wave or its vast existence, / or only its

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