The Search For Dominance By Victor Frankenstein

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The search for dominance is always evident in the story of Frankenstein, the story even begins with Victor Frankenstein in the search for strength. Everyone in the story has some kind of moxie that they can use over the other characters, but the desire for power takes everyone on a different path. Any time in the story when Victor Frankenstein needs to find and regain himself he looks to nature to find it all. Nature holds a great part of the power that happens in the story, but the creature is also filled with the crave for prestige as well as Victor. Authority controls the actions of all the characters in the play whether or not they realize it. In the story whenever Victor feels like he needs to find himself and gain control of himself he goes out into the nature to find motivation inside himself. Victor has a knack for using the nature to his advantage, he uses it to find himself while in the wild, but he also uses it to create the creature. His drive for success became so great that he went to make a creature that would make him very influential in the scientific world once he proved that he could create life with his bare hands. Victor was successful in creating the creature, but once he had created the creature he was disgusted with his creation and all his work became an eminent failure. He then proceeded to abandon the creature because of how hideous it appeared. Little did Victor know that when he abandoned the creature that he would go on his own hunt. The

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