The Search For Racial Reconciliation And Healing Essay

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The Journey in the Search for Racial Reconciliation and Healing

Gather at the Table: A Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of Slave Trade, is a story about the expedition that two interracial adults take across the country and overseas. Thomas Norman Dewolf, a white man from Oregon, is a descendent of a large slave-trading family. He was once a public official, who is now retired, and he speaks widely about the social prejudices across society. On the other side of the spectrum, Sharon Leslie Morgan, an African American women from Chicago, is a descendent from slaves on both sides of her family. She is the founder of Our Black Ancestry, a nationally recognized innovator in multicultural marketing, and a founder of the National Black Public Relations Society. Together, these two cross paths and go on an adventure across twenty-seven states and Trinidad and Tobago, over one hundred thousand miles, between 2008 and 2011. Their journey leads them to ancestral towns, courthouses, plantations, cemeteries, antebellum mansions, and historic sites. Throughout the story, the author use the past-present-future tensions to discuss cultural conflicts in the story including ancestry, trauma, and adaptation. First, one of the biggest reasons that Tom and Sharon went on this journey was to discover more about the past. An example of one of the biggest hurdles they had to leap over was learning about their ancestry. Many of the choices that their ancestors made in the

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