The Black Community Essay

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Throughout history, blacks have been treated the poorest out of all races. Although everyone under God is to be treated equal, whites thought of themselves as being the superior race. In 1619 a Dutch ship brought 20 slaves to America and it took nearly 240 years for slavery to end in 1865(Ronald, , para. 3).These helpless slaves were taken to America and put to work growing anything from cotton to tobacco. Slaves had absolutely no rights. They were simply property of their “Massa’.” Being disrespectful to a white man could get a Negro killed and they just accepted the facts of the matter. The south was the most notorious in its treatment of slaves and slaves would run away. It was a big risk, but a slave that made it to a …show more content…

51).Along the way, African Americans guided slaves to safety towards Canada. Blacks also provided food and clothing for these slaves along their journey. Slaves were also appointed to helpful whites and it brought attention to the fact that slaves yearned to be free. This abolitionists used to their advantage as support against slavery. Harriet Tubman was the most famous of agents to the Underground Railroad. In her lifetime, she rescued nearly 300 enslaved blacks and made 19 trips to the south before she became ill (Ronald, , para. 53).Freedom for blacks was looked upon as a gift rather than a right to each individual. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, the south broke off into the Confederate States of America. They did not want slavery to end. Lincoln thus declared a war to fight for the Union, not a war for slavery. He was afraid that he might lose some of his most loyal white supporters by allowing blacks to fight in the war. When things cooled down, blacks were allowed to fight in the war and the War Department was created in May 1863. Also in 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was to end slavery in the confederate states. Although slavery was nearly over, blacks were still being discriminated against despite their willingness to fight for America in the Civil war. Blacks were paid less, treated poorly, and simply looked down upon by whites. This began the era of Jim Crow laws in the south which were discriminatory against

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