The Search For The Perfect School System Essay

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Building Citizens, Not Minions
The search for the perfect school system is an ongoing task in America. Everyone wants to see the nation’s students successful because of their hard work in school. Many believe that the best way for our students to succeed is through an equal set of standards for all schools in every state, which is precisely what Common Core State Standards set out to accomplish: to provide the same set of academic standards for schools in every state to better improve equality and increase the readiness for college and future careers. The results, however, are largely debated. People are wondering whether Common Core, often referred to as CC or CCSS, and its techniques are truly the best methods of schooling for America, and what should really determine the progress of students. America needs to make sure that changes made to the school system focuses on allowing students the time and means to fully master their topics and discover who they are. Common Core State Standards focusses on making the standards for reading, writing, and math the same for all states in America, which has brought changes to the way children in kindergarten through twelfth grade are taught. As said in Amanda Thomas and Alden J. Edson’s article, “How Common is the Common Core?” the key differences brought by Common Core include, but are not limited to, “grade-level shifts, organizational differences . . . emphasis and de-emphasis of particular topics . . . and new approaches to

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