The Second Period - Original Writing

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I finished weighing in and began to warm up. Same routine as always and soon I was up next. Ankle bands on and ball of my foot on the line. A handshake, a whistle, and the match begins. The first takedown came quicker in this match than it did in the last. I tied up, hand fought, and set up my shots. The match was going my way and I wrestled smart through every scramble, keeping the upper hand. It was the third period and I had a decent lead. I got another takedown and turned him to his back. For a second I swear I had him pinned but the referee was not in position to see it until my opponent was able to put a sliver of space between his shoulder and the mat. The third period came to an end and I got my hand raised for the 40th time that …show more content…

He was tall, the tallest wrestler in the bracket which was a problem for me since I 'm short and stocky. Tyler, my wrestling partner was six feet tall so that helped me prepare when wrestling taller opponents. Same game plan regardless and the match began.

In the first period I got in deep on several shots but he was able to get out of bounds and cause us to reset in the middle of the mat. The second period began and it was my choice of position. Usually I would choose to defer to the second period but since it was 0-0, I chose bottom position.

In the event of sudden death overtime the wrestler who scored first gets to choose whether they want to be on top or bottom position. The first overtime would be one minute in the neutral position and if no one scored then it would be two 30 second periods with each wrestler getting a chance at top and bottom position. If it’s still tied after that we would go to a 30 second sudden death victory in referee’s position, which is the starting position with one wrestler on top and the other on bottom. An escape is more likely than turning and getting back points so that 's why I chose to take bottom in the second period.

I got the escape quickly and was up 1-0. Escapes were another thing I was really good at. The wrestling club I went to, DC Elite, taught me to be an expert at takedowns and escapes. Becoming an expert at what you’re good at will improve you faster

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