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THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne - Reaction Paper

The Secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne, which is known as the best-selling book in 2006. I was amazed when I entered the classroom and found out that we’ll be viewing/watching the DVD about The Secret. I have heard about this documentary since I was in 3rd year college and by this time I finally got the chance to watch a masterpiece. I wanted to watch this since but I never had the chance to because I got so busy with school activities but right now I think I am lucky that I am a part who knows The Secret and I am thankful to know it.

To begin with, The Secret is a life changing, it makes you financially independent, it let your mind powerful and lastly, it will make you successful.
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There are six different secrets that I’ve learned. They are; The Secret to Money, The Secret to Relationships, The Secret to Health, The Secret of the World, The Secret to You, and lastly The Secret to Life. Wealth is a mindset according to the secret to money, which also means as life is abundant in all areas. You have to be inspired by the thought you acquire from your mind or literally means visualizing what you want, believe and intend to do it. Prosperity is equals to abundance. You will feel inner joy, inner peace, and inner vision. When you are feeling negative vibration, you have to change it, into a positive one so that it won’t affect you. The things that I remembered from the secret to relationship are the; you need to respect yourself, love it and gives yourself a treat. “When you won’t focus on yourself first, how can someone even love you too?” this marked my mind and that made a big impact from me that’s why I never had a long and stronger relationship with anyone. The sweetest thing in the video is that when you love someone; write down what you like about him; whether it’s their odour, knowledge and a lot more characteristics of an individual. Let them appreciate you and vice versa, always acknowledge their strength and yours. The third secret is to health, he become what he thought.

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