The Secret Life Of Bees Analysis

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The Secret Life Of Bees

The secret life of bees was written by author Sue Monk Kidd and was set in South Carolina 1964. Kidd creatively uses bee insects as an unhuman like object to express and symbolize the certain aspects and ways of life throughout the novel. Specifically, in this novel the bees act as models of human society. Sue Monk Kidd presents themes and ideas through the eyes of the character Lily, who is 14 years old in the novel. These ideas are related to having a sense of belonging and also Kidd uses Lily to represent the European’s opinions on the African-Americans and how people can change for the better, as this novel was set in 1964, a significant time in society for the African-American race involving the Civil Rights Act.
The novel gives us a certainty of realism by reliving what happened in those times through a character we can relate to, because she is trying to find herself, and I personally think all of us in society are still trying to find ourselves every day, working on a better version of yourself.

In the novel ‘The secret life of bees’, the author Sue Monk Kidd aesthetically chooses bees as symbolism to act as models of human society. Kidd sparks the idea of realism within the reader and makes us as readers feel like we are living the story as the character Lily through the lessons she is taught that we were also taught. Lily catches a bee in a jar and then not long after she decides to open the lid to let the bee free, although she does this

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