The Secret Life Of Bees Character Analysis

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DocViewer Page of 4 Zoom Pages The Secret Life Of Bees In the book “ The Secret Life Of Bees “ by Sue Monk Kidd , shows a lot a relationship between the main character names Lily Owens. The two other characters are named T.Ray which is her dad and her mom Deborah Fontanel Owens. Throughout the book Lily's relationship with of them were up and down especially with her mom . Lily’s main goal throughout the story was basically to find out more information about her mom , since she had passed away early when Lily was just a little girl , leaving her alone with her cruel dad who only punished her and didn't let her do anything . Lily's relationship with her father in the beginning of the book was really bad , she hated him …show more content…

He said “ you tell me where you are right now, do you hear me? Do you have any idea in what kind of trouble you’re in ? Busting Rosaleen out of the hospital holy shi*, what were you thinking? .“(pg.158)As Lily tried to explain what had happened T.ray went out on her again saying “ I’tell you what you were. You were a goddamn fool who went looking for trouble and found it “(pg.159) and “ i know one thing, and that’s i’m gonna find you,Lily, and when i do, i’m gonna tear your behind to pieces---.” Despite all this Lily wanted to still send him a letter but she instead ripped it to pieces. Overall their relationship was going downhill but at the end of the story , T.ray had finally found her that’s where it truly showed that under all that sorrow in his life he loved Lily, he obviously cared for her because he spent everyday looking for her . When T.ray and Lily got in a big fight for a moment T.ray actually thought Lily was Deborah( her mom ) he was saying stuff like “ how dare you leave me “(pg.294),and you “ you’re not leaving me again “(pg.294). He was traumatized when his wife passed away that he didn’t want to lose another person in his life, Lily was basically all he had left. Overall their relationship had lots of ups and downs but at the end of the day Lily loved him. Now on the other hand Lily’s relationship with her mom was a bit different. Basically Lily’s main goal in the story was to find more about her mom.

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