The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Character Analysis

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Relationships are hard, especially when the couple does not see eye to eye. Walter Mitty and his wife know exactly what that is like. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a short story written by James Thurber. The setting takes place at Waterberg, Connecticut. The two main characters in this short story are Walter Mitty and his wife, who play significant roles in making this short story come alive despite being very different in many ways. Walter is the protagonist because he is the leading character, while his wife is the antagonist since she causes friction with Walter and his imaginations. Knowing this helps develop the theme of dysfunctional marriages as seen in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” as it is portrayed through the…show more content…
It was not until Walter talked back to his wife at the end (5) that readers see the only concern she presents is of worry whenever Mitty does not act in his usual and expected behavior. One can see that because they do not have much in common helps readers see why they have problems in their marriage There is many more intext context that contribute to Walter and his wife in this story; nevertheless, there are many more clues that the reader can conclude when looking on how these two characters think about themselves and each other.
Why would Walter want to marry a woman like his wife in the first place? Besides the fact that they are completely different in the way they think, they process information different as well. For example, the short story tells all of Walter’s random imaginations and how he is always forgetting what people tell him. When the narrator says “Walter Mitty began to wonder what the other thing was his wife had told him to get.” (3) lets the readers see that while Walter is very creative and never forgets what he imagines, he is forgetful of the world around him. On the other hand, Mrs. Mitty is aggravated about everything when she talks to Walter. One can conclude this due to her aging and being married to Walter for so long or some may even say long enough. Mrs. Mitty is worried and thinks that there is something seriously wrong with Walter. The Reader can see
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