The Secret Life of Bees Movie Review Essay

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“The Secret Life of Bees” Movie Review “The Secret Life of Bees” is a movie that takes us through the incredible journey of a young girl named Lily Owens. She grows up with the horrible memory of the day she accidentally killed her mother. She and the family maid who has tried to fill the empty void as her mother, Rosaleen, escape the mistreatment that Lily receives from her father, T-Ray. After Rosaleen heard the news on T.V. about the Civil Rights Act being passed, she decided to take the opportunity and register to vote. As they got to town to register Rosaleen, she dumped the juice from her chew container onto men who made fun of her. She was arrested, and that is when they escaped. When Lily asks her father for …show more content…

Lily wants to become a writer, and Zach a lawyer. Their relationship continues to grow, and Zach invites Lily to go to a movie with him. Lily and Zach sit with the colored people at the movie, and a mob comes and takes Zach. The Calendar Sisters are heartbroken when they hear the news. May was so sad and depressed about the whole situation that she was found underwater in the river near the house. Zach comes back soon after May’s death. He is shaken up by the experience. It takes a while for the sisters to recover after the traumatic experience. Neil, June’s boyfriend, has been asking her to marry him throughout the whole movie. Eventually she says yes! Rosaleen is accepted into the sisterly bond and she is called “July.” Lily showed August the picture of her mother and August told her that she was just like her. She came to their house, much like Lily did, and they took care of her. Lily received a few more items from August that belonged to her mother. The items she was given, which included a pin and a picture of Lily and her mother hugging, proved that Lily’s mother, Deborah, loved her. Lily continues to have better days and receives a necklace and kiss from Zach. As Lily is adapting to life in the Calendar Sister’s home, T-Ray shows up. He figured out where she was by the location of the push pin hole in her wall from the map that once hung there. He demands that Lily come home with him after he sees her standing there

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