The Selection Vs. The Crown

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The Selection vs. The Crown Anyone who has ever collected rocks or coins can testify that they are often similar. Sometimes, rocks may look similar but have unique qualities that make them distinctive in their own way. Other times, rocks can look unmistakably different from one another but have similar features. Although rocks can be found anywhere, they still have their own similarities and differences. This can also be said about two texts written by the same author, for instance, Kiera Cass’ The Selection and The Crown. The Selection is a novel about an unwealthy girl, America, that put everything she had into the man she thought she would be with forever, Aspen. It was not enough for Aspen and he ended up leaving her anyway because he …show more content…

America Singer in The Selection is forced to move on when her love shows her that he is not going to do whatever it takes to make things right. “I’m leaving. I’m going home. I’m sorry I did this to you, America. It’s over now” (The Selection 52). Conversely, Eadlyn Schreave in The Crown is an aspiring character that starts off as an independent woman and slowly finds her love; one who she does not let slip through her fingers.
“Break the stupid rule, Eadlyn. Marry the man you love. If he’s good enough for you to approve of, then I certainly do. And if the people don’t, that can be their problem. Because who are you?’
‘I’m Eadlyn Schreave, and no one in the world is as powerful as me” (The Crown …show more content…

Just as we can compare two parts of a rock to one another, we can also compare two literary texts with the same author. When we look closely to the two texts, we realize that they can look to be completely different and also have numerous similarities. Both of these texts contribute to exemplifying the same issues in different ways, leaving readers with both the good and bad aspects of striving for what you believe in. We can see now that in life we will be put through obstacles that in order to become a stronger person we will have to move one foot in front of the other to get over them. Whether it is a figurative obstacle or a physical one, we will have to believe in ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing if we try our best. Though, there are possibilities taking risks will not turn out the way we would like them to; everything is worth it in the end. Patel once said, “Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, it is not yet the end.” This leaves readers with several questions. Will we continue to keep dreaming to achieve, like the character in The Crown, or will we progressively strive through all of our problems knowing that we will not like the outcome, such as the girl in The Selection? Is it worth obtaining when the dreams we wish to

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