The Self State Of Mind

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Mankind has idolized a figure of false faith that has become more popular over the years. It is easy for one to sin and go home to pray and worship God. Most humans feel cleansed after attending church even if it means they will not change their demonic ways. Young Goodman Brown married Faith in which he places his false faith upon her. She comforts him and blesses him on his way to the woods, little does he know a great surprise awaits him. Brown is standing in the middle of his conscious and the selective unconscious faith he has placed among himself. Although Goodman Brown is more self-possessed in his conscious state of mind he also feels the need to go back to his Faith.
Conscious is being aware of a person’s surroundings. Humans on Earth were born evil. People on earth were born as sinners because of the actions they take individually (Hurley 410). It is what our conscious state of mind helps us not to go psycho and tear all hell apart. Brown left his wife, Faith at home, while he was on his way to meet the Devil in the woods. While he walked with the Devil he would sought out words of his sweet Faith with her pink ribbons, how innocent she looked. He knew it was wrong but was trying to make a clear picture of where he stood with his Faith and God. Further into the woods he stopped the Devil and set out a prayer after he had proclaimed to not go further into the woods. At this moment it is not a question if he is in his conscience state of mind, because he is. Brown

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