The Sense Of Suspense And Suspense In Get Out

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In addition, the camera angles add the suspense of the film. After coming to the realization that Rose hit a deer, Chris gets out of the car and hears the deer whining in the woods. Chris then goes to investigate the woods for the deer and Jordan Peele incorporates mysterious music and close up shots of Chris to create a feeling of suspense for us. We become anxious and become concerned for Chris’s encounter with the deer in the woods. Will the deer still be alive? Will the deer attack Chris? Chris enters the woods and sees the deer laying on the ground, with its eyes open looking up at Chris. At first, this scene did not make sense to me, but later on I realized that this scene symbolized a hit and run. This scene is important because Chris’s mother was killed in a hit and run and when Chris found out that his mother had died, he became emotionally paralyzed. When Chris went to look in the woods for the deer, he too became paralyzed looking at the dying deer laying on the ground. The deer symbol is brought up numerous times throughout the film to portray the hit and run concept. The suspense and mystery created by the camera shots and sound in this scene allow Get Out to be successfully classified as a psychological thriller.
Additionally, Get Out portrays Chris’s mental state in a bewildering scene known as the sunken place. Missy is a psychiatrist in Get Out and claims that she can help Chris quit smoking. By including hypnosis into the film, Jordan Peele plays with our

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