The Sentence Task Shown by Michelle Obama and the North Korean Refugee, Hyeonseo Lee

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Imagine books are buildings, then sentences are the very foundation of them. For long, sentences has been the most essential way to exchange information, to express feelings and to share values and thoughts. The art of rhetoric is applied in the sentences to carry out messages more efficiently. During my research process, I have to commit that as a foreign language speaker, I found it really hard at first. Inspired by the history of rhetoric, I started searching for speeches and eventually I managed to find two interesting sentences.

Both sentences come from two outstanding women who have grown up with different education and culture background. One of them, Mrs. Obama, first lady of the United States, is quite familiar to us. Michelle Obama was born into an ordinary family in Chicago, brought up by her stay-at-home mother and plumber father. She worked hard and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.Later on she became a well-known attorney.(The National First Ladies' Library,2013) In contrast to the First Lady, the other speaker, Hyeonseo Lee, does not bear such fame. She actually has been a North Korean refugee since her childhood. Born in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee left for China in 1997 during a serious famine occurred in North Korea. She now lives in South Korea, as an activist for her fellow refugees.(TED,2013) Given the brief biography of both ladies with significant difference, it is easier for us to understand what exact ideas they try to

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