The Separation Of Church And State

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Government is the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, and inhabitants of communities, societies, and states. While documents have been written to help the leaders of our country, there is constant debate over what changes need to be made. Some believe that the country is falling apart while others think minor adjustments need to be made. The separation of church and state is also a topic of debate. The question of what needs to be changed and where religion falls in all of this are always questions on the table, but what I know for certain is that the government always has room for growth.

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Freedom to express your religion is something that I feel God would want anyone to take away from the Bible. The Lord created each one of us differently. We all have different faces, characteristics, and personalities. God wants us to be happy here on earth and commanding everyone to be fit into a certain mold does just the opposite. He understands that we may not believe in him or that it is hard to comprehend something that is you cannot see. Giving us the freedom to choose our own religious path helps us to find ourselves. We learn from the mistakes and may ultimately choose Christianity in the end. As long as there is no harm to yourself or the people around you the choice is yours. The equal treatment of all religions, races, and genders is also a vital part of a proper functioning government. In the past when one religion has been put on a pedestal the outcome has been horrific. The people in the “superior” group feel entitled to do horrific things to those who do not fall into the specific category. God loves all his children equally and never treated one different from another. When Jesus was here on earth there were other religions. He did not treat the people following the other religions cruelly, but showed them the word of God instead. The followers of Christianity often feel conflicted about following any authority besides God. It is conflicting, but there are several verses in the Bible

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