The Series Harry Potter By J.K Rowling Is An Interesting

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The series Harry Potter by J.K Rowling is an interesting type of fiction. This series follows a boy by the name of Harry and his journeys through the wizardry world. In his journey, he attends a wizardry school, Hogwarts, and meets both friends and foes that will help his ultimate goal, defeating Lord Voldemort. Questions arise whether if this series is a true fantasy, despite the wizardry and magical elements all throughout the series, or just simply a children 's fiction with adventure. With it 's tactical combination of each of it 's parenting genres and it 's use of using both high and low fantasy, Harry Potter can be called an urban fantasy. The elements that makes up a fantasy tale is it 's deliberate taking of philosophies, rules,…show more content…
High fantasy has a non primary setting ( meaning the setting isn 't on earth but somewhere else ), as well as a cause of a struggle is by the supernatural or the paranormal. The issues that usually arise from high fantasy are the ending of the world, or something by that nature, with a foe that is not human. Low fantasy contradicts with its ' setting being primary ( on earth or something along the lines with some magical influences ) and its ' causation being natural, nothing caused by the supernatural. The usual battle arise with very human things, such as peer pressure or isolation, and by an enemy who is human. A genre from low fantasy emerges which is named urban fantasy. Urban fantasy has the same qualities as low fantasy but the setting is more in modern times versus any other time frame ( whether made up or in the past ) that low fantasy likes to take from. During the series of Harry Potter, the founders of Hogwarts are mentioned time and time again. Even though their roles are not a huge part in the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, they become a bigger part in Voldemort 's ( the main antagonist throughout the books ) plans later in the series. They appear throughout the books as statues or on magical card sets, seen as legendary figures of Hogwarts. This ties into the myth and epic genres that Rowling pulls from. It 's not a huge factor of the series, but it is still there. Rowling takes more from the romance genre
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