The Setbacks that Faced the British Army During 1777

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I also picked this site specifically, because it had a ton of information about the Philadelphia campaign and how it was ultimately a setback for the British which really interested me. The reason that the setbacks of 1777 really interested me is due to the fact that these setbacks are what helped the colonies win a surprising victory and independence from the powerful British military. I was also very pleased with how much of the information extended off of what I read in the textbook. Some of the ways this site relates to the topics we are currently studying are by providing information on the campaign of 1777, the colonist’s alliance with France, and the battle of Saratoga. Three things that I found interesting on this site were the fact that gaining control of Philadelphia ultimately ended up being a setback for the British, an image of a Hessian map, and General Howe’s reasoning behind resigning during the war. The irony that this article talks about the British gaining control over Philadelphia shocked me greatly. This site talks about how during the Philadelphia campaign in 1777 the British were hoping to capture Philadelphia in hopes of capturing Congress and ending the rebellion. The reason that occupying Philadelphia proved to be a great consequence for the British army is, because this pulled General Howe’s support and aide away from…
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