The Setting Is Dreary And Scary

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The initial setting is dreary and scary. The story begins on the bloody streets of a nameless city. There is an insane character named Rorschach who has a journal entry. There is a butcher who is washing blood towards a storm drain. The writer seems to be telling us to buckle up and be prepared for the rest of the novel. Two detectives investigate the murder of Edward Blake and end up sweeping the case under the rug to avoid any confrontations. We learn that the City we are in is New York City, this fits the setting previously described. New York City is considered to be a big, scary, dark and gruesome. We later are at Blake’s’ funeral and it starts raining which add to the darkness of the setting. We become focused on Veidt whose memory we enter through flashbacks. The setting characters and plot all seem to go hand in hand and contribute to the dreariness of the novel. This novel is good for an ISU because you must understand the environment and history instead of just reading it. In 1986, a lot of things that were in the Watchmen was in violation, the Watchmen broke almost every criteria in the comic code authority (CCA). The Watchmen is one of the most intricately written graphic novels I have ever read. I think that even if we don’t read every part of it, it is still good, although the extra details are beneficial to the obtaining a better understanding.
“It’s September, 1961. John Kennedy is shaking my hand, asking what it’s like to be a superhero. I

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