The Seven Year Lie By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Hawthorne 's Dimmesdale: The Seven Year Lie Nathaniel Hawthorne’s gloomy and gothic atmosphere sets the overall mood of The Scarlet Letter. The novel invokes a sense of great anticipation in the reader, particularly through the dramatic events surrounding the novel’s protagonist, Arthur Dimmesdale. However, the way his motivations and conflicts intertwine and mature throughout the novel allows the readers to see that he is much more than just a sinner ultimately getting what he rightfully deserves. His persona and values also evolve throughout the book; showing how a man who keeps the truth withheld from those who need to hear it can lead to that man’s destruction.
Arthur Dimmesdale is a reverend and along with the job comes the people; but most importantly, God. Having this particular duty is hard to maintain and when everything in one’s life depends on how one is viewed; one can see how at the beginning of the novel Arthur is reluctant to speak of the adultery he has committed. During the first few chapters Arthur’s motivation surrounds the need to survive; he wants to survive the punishments bestowed on Hester without anyone knowing of his own guilt. As time goes by with the truth still hidden, his conscience gets the better of him; a bloody scourge owned by Dimmesdale surfaces from the book and the idea of Dimmsdale whipping himself as punishment arises. He constantly has his hand over his chest during the book; it is believed he has carved a letter, “A” over
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