The Sexism Of Women And Women 's Power, Possibilities, And Fair Treatment

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The sexism in Shakespearean time against women limited the women 's power, possibilities, and fair treatment. The play "Hamlet" written by William Shakespeare illustrated the gender inequality and the affects it has on the two female characters in the play Ophelia and Gertrude. The social and legal roles and rules for women mere a major impact on how the women lived and what was expected of them. Religion has limited women in regards to their position to men, making them inferior. As mentioned in the "Social History of England" By Horrox, Rosemary, and W. M. Ormrod. A: Legal Treatise Henry of Bracton in the thirteenth century said "Women differ from men in many respects for their position is inferior to men". This has …show more content…

Women were not allowed to have professions, therefore limiting their work abilities. Women were expected to stay home, cook, take care of the house and raise kids. Women also did not go to school, some were taught by men and only high class women were able to have education. All these factors limited women’s independence, making them dependent on men. (Tim Lambert, "Life for women in the 16th century", 2016) Marriages were often arranged, and even in the cases where they weren’t men still attempted to control it. For example, women were allowed to gain inheritance if their father or husband passed away without a male figure to pass the belongings to. However according to Rosemary Horrox, "Social history of England", - "lords were keen to control the marriage and remarriage. Those anxious to limit the impact of female inheritance upon the descent of land began to use entail to ensure that land would pass only in the male line, although this was a strategy that could generate major legal disputes" " This means that men would also attempt to marry women, in which case they would gain their inheritance. Women in the Elizabethan era were discriminated against socially and legally, and were inferior to men. Shakespeare 's play "Hamlet" which is set in Elizabethan era discovers these inequalities from point of view of two characters Ophelia and Gertrude.

Gertrude’s limited power had a negative effect on her relationships with Hamlet and

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