The Shakespearean Era Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth

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The Shakespearean Era was an incredible breakthrough for theatre. The formerly structured, religious plays of the medieval ages began to dissolve, making room for neo-classical improvements. In the following paragraphs, I will analyze and critique one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works; Macbeth. To begin, Macbeth is a tragedy which is broken down into five acts. The audience should assume the duration of the events to take place over roughly four months. “Macbeth” has a very intriguing plotline with several twists. The opening scene in this eerie drama revealed three witches prophesizing the rise of Macbeth as the king of Cawdor. King Duncan was the current king of Cawdor, his son Malcolm next in line to succeed the throne. This confused Macbeth, but did not prevent him from fulfilling his prophecy. Impatient and ambitious, the once noble warrior allowed himself to become corrupted and proceeded to kill king Duncan. After completely disregarding his own morality, Macbeth 's desire to secure his reign over Cawdor causes him to slaughter Banquo, his former friend and comrade. Macbeth only becomes more evil as the play progresses and eventually is slain by MacDuff,a loyal devotee of king Duncan, who suspected Macbeth of regicide originally. Malcolm then becomes the new king of Scotland. These turn of events revealed the most important theme, in my opinion; hubris. Macbeth was overtaken by hubris, or excessive pride, which ultimately lead to his demise. A significant

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