The Sheriff: A Fictional Narrative

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Going the back way down alleys and between shops, avoiding detection, he reached the Brahmin in less than two minutes. Racing behind it into a side loading lane, he crept to the freight door at the base of some outside stairs. Glad that for once his town was showing sense, no tomfools to hinder him dressing him down, he took a huge breath and pulled the Greener’s hammers. He sure wanted a look inside that room. Wouldn’t do to bust into a sheriff’s worst nightmare without he knew if he was too late, things were gone too far and he’d have to shoot somebody. He’d sure hate to shoot somebody dead, least those Triple Oaks boys. Not now. Not ever. But the door was solid, same as the wall, and no time for a peek through the front window glass. He …show more content…

The bullet sang by Morgan so close he felt its heat through his shirt sleeve. Automatically, he pinched a trigger, and Vargo went to ground under a table. Landers was not so lucky. He pitched sideways onto a neighboring table, upsetting it. Money and cards flying off it danced a midair jig as he crashed to the floor on his back. He lay there in a groaning heap with eyelids fluttering and blood seeping under his head until his eyes rolled back and he gasped and fell into silence. “Take it easy, Morgan!” Vargo stuttered from under his table, “I didn’t know it was you!” “Maybe so, Vargo,” Morgan snarled, “All the same, I’ll have you to scoot that cannon over here.” Vargo did as he was told, shoving his gun across the floor, then he rose up slowly facing Morgan, respectfully considering the scattergun fixated on his belly. Morgan gestered with the shotgun and Vargo began backpeddling toward the bar. When he got there, Morgan said, “Now, don’t you move ’less I say ‘bullfrog’! Else I’m obliged to cut you half in two.” He bent to Landers splayed on the floor. Seeing the Scotsman’s chest rise and fall, that he’d only salt and peppered him a little, he retrieved their two guns and wound through the shambles toward the front, and Erin

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