The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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Ernest Hemingway’s Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber tells the story of Francis Macomber, who was on a hunting trip in Africa with his wife, Margaret. At the beginning of the story, Francis was shown to be a coward after he panicked and ran off when a lion charged after him. Margot was upset and disgusted by his cowardice, and later cheated on him with their hunting guide, Robert Wilson, who was a brave and handsome man. However, after the incident, Francis’ personality changed drastically. However, his newfound confidence and bravery was short-lived as he died in the hands of his own wife. Francis Macomber’s personality and his personality change can be described and explained in several ways. Based on Eysenck’s personality model, …show more content…

Francis’ high level of agreeableness was obvious when he accepted all of his wife’s complaints and mockery without any complaints. He also followed all of Wilson’s orders during their hunt without hesitation. His level of conscientiousness was also very high when he was shown to be a responsible shooter. He listened to all of Wilson’s instructions and worked hard to improve his shooting skills and managed to shoot his targets precisely. He also had a low level of openness to experience, as Francis was very anxious and cautious when hunting the lion. However, at the end of the story, his level of agreeableness became low as he started to show hostility towards Wilson and Margot. He was cold and rude towards them. He even almost shouted at his wife, something he had never done earlier in the story. His conscientiousness level also became low when he became careless when he was about to shoot the buffalos from the car, which could have cost Wilson his hunting license. His level of openness to experience increased drastically as he was shown to be more adventurous after he succeeded in killing two buffalos and was excited to search for his other missing buffalo. Based on the needs and motives perspective, Francis showed different needs and motives throughout the story. At the beginning of the story, Francis had a high need for intimacy as the reason for their hunting trip was to revitalize his relationship with his wife. His need for affiliation was also high

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