The Short Stories Of An Hour And A Pair Of Silk Stockings

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The Short Stories of Kate Chopin The short stories, "The Story of an Hour" and "A Pair of Silk Stockings" were both written in the 1800 's. The stories are both written by Kate Chopin, a female author. The period in which these stories were written gave impact on other female writers to produce stories too. The literary devices Chopin uses in both these stories show how educated female writers were at the time. The way the author, Kate Chopin, uses many literary devices in her works, "The Story of an Hour" and "A Pair of Silk Stockings", such as location, imagery and characterization. FIrst, Chopin uses location in both of her stories. In "The Story of an Hour" the location of the short story is in Mrs. Mallards home. After learning of her husbands death, "She went away to her room alone" (Story 463). Mrs. Mallard was locked away in her room alone with an "open window" and a roomy arm chair that she "sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that hauned her body and seem to reach into her soul" (Story 463). According to Hicks, in the overview of "The Story of an Hour", '"the emotion in Mrs. Mallards bedroom is indisputable, the "suspension of intelligent thought" removes from the reader the need to share in the window 's grief and instead allows him or her to remain an onlooker, as eager as Mrs. Mallard to see "what was approaching to possess her" ' (2). In "A Pair of Silk Stockings" Mrs. Sommers was buying expensive clothes for herself in stores, buying nice food at
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