The Short StoryThe Turn Of The Screw

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In the short story “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James, a harsh war between innocence and corruption arises, taking captive the life of a young boy named Miles. This constant battle malignantly destroys the lives of many characters, incarcerating them in a labyrinth of fear and ordeal. The manifestation of fear and ordeal derives directly from the introduction of Peter Quint. A former valet, who charmingly sets to terminate the innocence of young Miles. With an inappropriately intimate relationship with young Miles, Peter Quint implants a sinister seed within Miles causing trouble in distinguishing the disparity between good and evil. With the presence of a young, pure mind, the capability of corruption is inevitable when evil decides to take advantage. If child abuse occurs, then the corruption of innocence will lead to the character’s demise. In this short story, Peter Quint takes advantage of Miles from a young age through manipulation and corruption. Peter Quint is described in the short story as a man who was good looking, exceedingly clever, yet very infamous for being a hound and too flirtatious with everyone. This grotesque blend of characteristics in combination with the lack of a true male figure allows Peter Quint to ease his way into Miles’ mind. Since Miles’ uncle no longer resides in the home, an excessive amount of power is given to Peter, who under these perfect conditions is able to teach Miles unfavorable things. The formation of this unfathomably,

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