The Significant Role of Economics in Social Issues

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Economics and Social Issues Economics play a role in social issues. This role is more significant than most people who are not economists can understand. To the lay person, it would seem that economics and social issues are two separate things entirely. After all, economics deals with money and social issues deal with people. But money and people are inexorably intertwined, both in government policy and in real life. Just as a person can not get by in the world without money of some kind (or some kind of capital with which to barter), government can not make economic policy or social policy in a vacuum that does not take the other side of the coin into consideration. Take welfare, for example. This is a perfect blend of economic and social policies. It also demonstrates how money and people are closely tied in the real world. People apply for welfare because they do not have enough money to supply their basic needs. They need the welfare to make ends meet. Government, on the other hand, has a dual responsibility to keep a budget that allows the city, county, state, or nation to remain fiscally sound, while at the same time providing for the needs of the people who live there who are unable to manage without assistance. Funding for welfare is included in government budgets. However, when those budgets fall short or look like they're going to, it is often welfare that is the first program that is suggested for budget cuts. Often, these proposed cuts come to nothing, as
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