The Silent Struggle : Depression During Residency

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“Healthcare Administration, what a choice for the second half of your life, VeRhonda,” I say to myself as I enter Unit 3 of my online course. Interestingly our assignment asks us to locate an article from a professional website that is credible, to use as a blog idea in Unit 4. I chose an article entitled, ‘The Silent Struggle: Depression During Residency’ (Miller. 2015), which may be found at The article gives insight to what I am sure many of us are unaware of. Many of our medical residents are being plagued by depression and/or suicidal ideology. As a student wishing to soon one day become an administrator or manager within the healthcare industry, my mouth dropped at the statistics and immediately my mind began to search for a solution to this devastating situation. While discussing the topic with friends, many speculated on the causes of this depression and wondered if some of them may have already been prone to depression hereditarily. Most of my friends decided long work hours and watching people “not make it” had to top the list for reasons why young residents become depressed while in their residencies, but the article goes much further than that by stating that “poor perception of personal accomplishment and low job satisfaction” were very common as well. Another reason listed was poor work/home interfacing. This is something that we all know exists, most common among this occupational career path. We seemingly never
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