The Similarities Between Ethical Capitalism And Act Utilitarianism

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Act Utilitarianism plays an important role on maximizing benefits for the most people. The moral worth of any action is judged by how much the benefits gained for all perceptive beings. While some individuals may suffer from these actions, utilitarianism holds that the conduct may still be ethical if it does more good for a greater number of people than it harms. Ethical egoism holds that moral conduct ought to be judged through self-interest. Ethical egoism states that the good consequences for the individual outweigh the consequences placed upon others. In egoism, actions could be considered ethical for the individual if the one taking the action is benefited, while any benefit or detriment to the welfare of others is a side effect and not as important as the consequences for the individual. The similarity between act utilitarianism and ethical egoism are both contained large number of sub-theories within each branch which are the value placed between the individual and others. Both ethical egoism and act utilitarianism are allow an individual to put himself or herself first in determining the right action to take in a particular situation whether the particular action is right or wrong. This is different from pure selflessness which…show more content…
According to act utilitarianism, the consequences of the possible actions must be evaluated. The correct action is the one that leads to the greatest increase in total happiness among the parties affected. Overall, basically placing the emphasis on the whole as conflicting to the individual. On the other hand, an individual has a greater value than others in ethical egoism Therefore, it is ethical to act in own self-interest even if it may potentially harm others. Act utilitarianism is different from ethical egoism by saying personal own utility is no more valuable than anyone
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