The Similarities Of Hinduism, Buddhism And Vristianity

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People often say that there is no such thing as a new idea. Everything ‘invented’ is just a combination of many ideas that came before it. Both Hinduism and Judaism acted as an essential precursor to world religions; in the case of Hinduism, Buddhism and the case of Judaism, Christianity. That isn’t to say that either of those religions is exactly like their predecessors. They have some key differences.The new religions upheld the older religions’ basic concepts of the afterlife and time. Buddhism complied with the idea Hindu of reincarnation and cyclical time. Christianity acknowledged the Jewish view of The End of Days and linear the. However, they then did away with the exclusiveness embedded in the older religions. Buddhism dismissed the idea of caste, and Christianity did away with the concept of lineage. Instead, the faiths focused their views of morality around a single savior-like being. These figures were easier to understand and empathize with then the abstract ideas presented in older religions.While Buddhism and Christianity had older religions as their foundation, their shift to a more inclusive faith allowed them much greater appeal.
Similarities are apparent between newer and older religion’s concept of the afterlife. Both Hinduism and Buddhism exalted the idea of reincarnation. One excerpt from the Upanishads, a significant collection of Hindu texts, reads “ those who are pleasant of conduct here- the prospect is, indeed, that they will enter a pleasant

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