The, Slavery, And Theatrical Sex Play

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When people think or hear of the word “slavery,” they only remember how poorly the slaves were mistreated and how unfair it was to them to endure this. The modern society only sees slavery as thing of forced labor, prostitution, or theatrical sex-play . Any person, young or old, that is forced into work, owned or controlled by an ‘employer,’ bought or sold as property, or confined from any movement is considered to be in slavery . But back in the 1600s, our thoughts or interpretations didn’t matter. The thoughts of the leaders of America were what truly mattered as well as slaves that escaped and survived to tell their story. So why don’t we go into the mind of those who were directly involved in this epidemic called slavery? Let me introduce you to Abraham Lincoln, John C. Calhoun, and Fredrick Douglass!
Abraham Lincoln despised slavery. He did not agree with what slavery was all about, however, he did not claim to be an abolitionist. One of his famous quotes was “Now, I confess myself as belonging to that class in the country who contemplate slavery as a moral, social and political evil, having due regard for its actual existence amongst us and the difficulties of getting rid of it in any satisfactory way, and to all the constitutional obligations which have been thrown about it; but, nevertheless, desire a policy that looks to the prevention of it as a wrong, and looks hopefully to the time when as a wrong it may come to an end. My paramount object in this struggle is to…
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