The Smoking Of Public Areas Should Be Absolutely Forbidden

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How many people can say when there out trying to enjoy themselves they enjoy smelling smoke? I’m pretty sure none of us that’s why I am conducting my research project on how smoking in public areas should be absolutely forbidden. In today’s modern society in America you are free to participate in activities such as drinking and smoking and that’s very significant to have such a freedom. But the issues that most Americans have including myself is that you should not be allowed to partake in these activities around other people without their consent. Over forty two million people in the United States engage in daily smoking with cigarettes. In 2013 there was data taken to show the facts of the average adult in the United States that smokes and nearly eighteen of every one hundred U.S adult ages 18 years and older currently smoke cigarettes. The majority of these people not only smoke but they do it outside and when people do smoke outside they find themselves being respectful to others that are inside and also they will do anything to be able to smoke but still protect the one’s that they love away from second hand smoke which is true but what about the same innocent people we have outside don’t they deserve that same curtesy? The research that I found shows that even when stepping outside to smoke it just makes it worst there are ones of magnates that release around 250 super poisonous gases fumes and chemicals. These same toxins that are released out into the air are the

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