The Sneaker Life Case Study

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The Sneaker Life

“Americans are willing to kill each other for shoes. And while each fatal incident may seem like a freak occurrence, sneaker-motivated deaths can mount over time.” (Quartz) An issue in the sneaker culture is the amount of effort they put in trying to buy material things and the number of deaths caused over them. In the pioneer age of sneaker collecting back in the 90’s and 90’s, the era was certainly flawed but the society expected to see positive growth relating to every aspect of the culture, especially violence. This current wave of the sneaker community has seen positive growth in almost every aspect except violence, which is a huge con. The older generation of sneakerheads frown upon and despise our younger generation of sneakerheads because of how
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With the high demand of these Jordans on the sneaker market rising as Jordan began to play better, the stakes of acquiring these trendy kicks were inclining also, with lives now being on the line. In 1989, a 15 year old teen named Michael Eugene Thomas was led in the woods by 17 year old David Martin to be strangled to death for his new Jordans. “James David Martin was not a fanatical sneakerhead, or an urban case study. James David Martin was a serial killer. One can speculate on the role a pair of Jordans, which didn’t even fit him, played on that day in 1989.” Following this occurrence, Sports Illustrated released a propagandic cover stressing the sneaker related deaths, stating that “sneakers and team jackets are hot. Sometimes too hot. Kids are being mugged, even killed, for them. Who’s at fault?” (Complex) The title of that issue had a powerful message, with “Your sneakers or your life?” in bold. They were hoping to see a change in the long run with this issue of the magazine and more positivity in the sneaker community for the younger generation. This plan actually went wrong,
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